TPL maintains a fully equipped office in Karachi with all the requisite computing, printing, communications and projection equipment.

TPL offers a complement of tools, instrumentation and equipment required to carry out fieldworks in its areas of operations. Other specialized equipment is sourced or hired as required.


Instrumentation includes global positioning systems (GPS), automatic survey level meters, portable PID VOC meters, interface probes and depth gauges, peristaltic pumps, level gauges, accurate pitot tubes, vacuum and pressure gauges, hydrometers, temperature, pH, conductivity, multi-parameter, TDS, ORP, Oxygen, LEL and turbidity meters, cable locators, pocket testers and other specialty testing instruments. Portable pumps for personnel exposure monitoring and related accessories have also been acquired.

Intelligent magnetostrictive probes and accessories, explosion proof vacuum pump and sensitive acoustic sensors and recorders and portable automatic tank gauging system for continuous in tank leak detection (CITLD) and tank tightness testing are also available for site storage integrity assessments.

Cooler boxes for samples, decontamination and cleansing accessories, required range of safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) including tyvec suits, respirators and field safety accessories are also maintained in the inventory.


Digital energy measuring and monitoring instruments include electronic logging sub-meters, portable power analyzers and loggers, clamp-on power loggers, several types of temperature loggers, thermo scanners,humidity and CO2 loggers, air velocity meters, occupancy sensors – CT, lighting, magnetic flux, and contact based, light level monitors and other specialty testing instruments.

Remote Site Monitoring
TPL is able to provide real time surveillance and monitoring of remote site project activity through portable and high resolution IP based cameras for fixed durations.