TPL comprises of a core team of professionals and is supported by competent and experienced local and foreign consultants as required. The team selection for a given project is based on project needs and TPL prides itself on its record of assembling, training and delivering functional teams on a fast track basis.

Team Organization

Syed Masood Ahmed, as Chief Executive of the firm heads up the team and the Technology Management function.

Moinuddin Muhammad as Principal Consultant is responsible for overall operations and heads the company initiative on Knowledge Management, Asset Management and Safety. He oversees IT, Finance, Administration and Logistics, as well as, associated consultancies and contractors supporting TPL.

Basim Zafar Khan as Associate Consultant oversees the assessment, analysis and delivery of Environmental projects.

Naveed Ahmed as Field In-charge oversees Field Works.

M Shahzad Nasir as Sr. Executive oversees contract administration and complements the IT, Admin and Accounts functions.

TPL has its own field supervisory staff and technicians and utilizes only those skilled and semi-skilled field staff in the field that have undergone TPL training and demonstrated competency level suitable for assignments.

An associate firm, NexDegree Private Limited, which is contracted to work in-house and develop internal systems and support offerings, provides IT services.

Accounts are looked after by RSM AHLN Pakistan Chartered Accountants, who are part of the worldwide RSM group.

Administration, Logistics and HR teams support the core field work and technical teams.

Profile of Team Members

Syed Masood Ahmed
Chief Executive

Syed Masood Ahmed is Chief Executive of the company located in Karachi. A chemical engineer by profession, Mr. Ahmed has graduate and postgraduate degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. Mr. Ahmed has extensive experience in the energy and environment sectors, gained from more than twenty-five years of experience of various energy and environment-related projects in Pakistan and abroad.

Mr. Ahmed provides professional consultancy services in the areas of industrial and engineering issues, energy resource management, environmental management systems, and regulatory, and financial policy formulation. He has been involved with the implementation, supervision, and management of energy and environment sector activities and programs for private sector clients, investor groups, government agencies, and donor and lender organizations including the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Bank. He has been responsible for large technical services division providing mechanical engineering and process automation services, maintenance and construction services as well as proactive corporate IT and computing services.

While in the USA, he worked on several environment-related projects sponsored by the USEPA, the US Coast Guard, and American Cyanamid. He has devised several systems for environmental and energy-related monitoring in Pakistani industry. He plays an important role in all organizational matters, including business development, personnel and financial management, scheduling, and other administrative tasks. He has been responsible for the development of capability in the field of soil and groundwater assessments and disposal of wastes. He has managed projects involving assessments of more than a 150 sites in the oil and gas sector production, storage, and retail marketing areas. He is a gifted trainer and has on several occasions produced the teams that can rapidly deliver on first-of-a-kind projects.

S. Masood Ahmed is the recipient of the International Energy Engineer of the Year Award from the American Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) for his work in Pakistan at the AEE Convention in Atlanta, GA in 1991.

Moinuddin Muhammad
Principal Consultant

Mr. Moinuddin Muhammad is leading the TPL initiative on Knowledge Management and Asset Management offerings. He is an experienced management consultant specializing in the telecommunications sector.

Mr. Muhammad brings with him a wealth of subject matter expertise with a strong background of programme and project management on complex multi-million dollar initiatives. He offers a practical approach to business, systems, and strategies focusing on helping major organizations develop and implement solutions aligned with business objectives.

He has a proven track record in corporate leadership in multi-stakeholder, multi-vendor and multi-cultural environments on complex multi-disciplinary change programmes. These include stakeholder management, context management, risk assessment, process streamlining, cost reduction, asset management, resource development and performance optimization.

He has over twenty years international experience spanning Professional Services, Telecom, Banking, Hotel & Leisure, and Government sectors. His work experience includes privatization, business transformation, organizational restructuring, IS/IT, strategy, systems implementation and integration, infrastructure and group expansions from setup through to countrywide technology roll-out.

He is the Safety Steward for TPL responsible for the overall HSSE function, and a qualified Lead Auditor for OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) systems and has conducted a number of EHS and Due Diligence audits for leading local and multinational clients to assist them in assuring standards compliance. He is also trained on various client specific HSSEQ standards.

Samea Muhammad

Ms Muhammad holds an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi University. She has been engaged in private business and has worked for some years in the administration department of a private firm with foreign participation. She oversees the practice management, administration and human resource functions.

Basim Zafar Khan
Analyst Engineer

Mr. Basim Zafar Khan is responsible for assessment and report preparation. He is a Civil Engineer from NED University and has a M.S in Environmental Management from the University of Sheffield, UK. He has experience of conducting Site Assessments, Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies. He has compiled reports on soil and groundwater field investigations for oil company depots, chemical and fertilizer plants and retail sites nationwide.