Technology Management

Technology Analysis, Selection,
Transfers & Methodologies.

Engineering Management

Project Management, Processes,
Competency Profiling & Training.

Knowledge Management

Document MS, Decision Support,
Asset Management.

Welcome to TEKCELLENT – Technology, Engineering & Knowledge Management.

Tekcellent Private Limited (TPL) formed in 2005, provides specialized services in Technology, Engineering and Knowledge Management Services across the region.

The team at TPL has a rich background of successfully pioneering and introducing technological innovation and operating methodologies, including several industry ‘firsts’ in Pakistan.

The team members are highly qualified and bring to bear more than a hundred man years of technical and engineering know how with unique experience of across the board Pakistani industry, particularly in the energy and environment sectors.

Our Mission

Provision of requisite technology and services to enable clients to meet and exceed their business objectives in the local, regional and global marketplace.

Contact Us

6/7/E, Street 22, Muhammad Ali Society, Karachi – 75350, Pakistan
Tel: +92 (21) 34312540, Fax: +92 (21) 34537209